What is Git?

Git is a source code version control system. It is a distributed version control system and is characterized by having complete repository information for both remote and local repositories.

History of Git

Git manages a large amount of Linux source code quickly and efficiently by Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux. A version control system created for Linux. Git is written primarily in C language and partially Perl.

Features of Git

It is a feature of Git.

Distributed repository management system

Git is a distributed repository management system where both remote and local repositories have complete repository information. In actual file management using Git, the work of committing the file to the local repository and pushing the difference to the remote repository is performed.

Fast even with a large amount of source code

Git is fast even with a large amount of source code.

Branching is fast

Git is quick to create branches.

Git is resistant to file loss

Since Git is a distributed repository management system, it is resistant to loss of file information. Even if one repository has file corruption, it can be completely recovered if there is no file corruption in the other repository.

There is a web interface called Github

A web interface for Git called Github currently provided by Microsoft is available for free.

Easy application deployment

If your application consists of text files, deploying your application is complete with just one command.

You can always return to any past state

You can revert the file to any past state at any time.

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